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In this project there live approximately 80 boys between 14 and 18 years old. The aim of this project is to provide delinquents opportunities to lead a decent life without breaking the law in the near future again. In this project, young delinquents get a second chance to build up a future. 
In the morning the boys get regular secondary education in prison and in the afternoon, depending on their progress, workshops in different areas. These workshops are focused on learning a craft. For example workshops in the technical field, making handicrafts, repairing shoes, carpentry and sport. Volunteers can help or teach (eg English) in the morning or take part in workshops in the afternoon. When you are trained in psychology you can support the psychologist and social worker. The youth are divided into four subgroups which indicate their level of progress in social behavior. There is much attention paid to social skills and discipline.

There is a friendly atmosphere in the project, but to volunteer here or be an intern, you need to be mentally strong because many boys have behavioral problems.

You do not need to have a specific background or experience with delinquents to volunteer. For anyone looking for a challenging internship as a psychologist, educator, or social worker, the juvenile detention is a very good place. During your internship you will be accompanied by the psychologist or social worker. You must have at least an advanced Spanish level. You work on average 4 hours a day, especially in the afternoons. You must be available at least 3 weeks.
Volunteers are welcome from the age of 21!


This organization is a joint initiative of the local government, community and the Catholic Church. The elderly home exists over 25 years and offers comprehensive care for about 240 elderly people in Cusco who are morally, materially and spiritually neglected. The home has a comprehensive infrastructure with 2 buildings for men, 2 buildings for women, a dining room, a kitchen, social service, a psychologist, physiotherapist, dentist and nurses. The center operates with the motto: "care for their bodies to save their souls".

The daily activities that are performed in the center are:
- Atention for the elderly at various levels including psychology, dentistry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
- Celebration of anniversaries at the end of the Month
- Celebration of holidays
-  Arts and crafts, exercises, games.
- Dynamic and coordinated personal therapy.

The elderly home especially need people with experience in the care for elderly people, nurses, administrative workers and therapists, but all volunteers are welcome and encouraged to help with general care. Intermediate Spanish is a plus. The minimum period is 4 weeks.


La Esperanza is a shelter for girls who are victims of a violent crime within a family, abuse or prostitution. In this home live about 30 to 35 girls for a maximum period of 6 months. Most girls are very young, often as young as 13 years old. There are also staying teenage mothers with their babies. The girls come into La Esperanza right through the court, the police or the hospital. The idea and goal of this shelter is to give the children a safe accommodation. They usually stay in the house, or sometimes play on the sports field nearby. Furthermore there are workshops the whole day, such as crafts, jewelry and clothes making. The profit of selling these articles are used for the project. The project is looking for psychologists, teachers, educators, doctors, physiotherapists or students in one of these areas. The project is also suitable as an internship, because they give good supervision. Every morning and every afternoon they need 1 or 2 volunteers or interns.  When you want to do some activities with the children, you are asked to buy the material yourself, the project does not have a budget for that. 
The minimum availability is 2 months, but there are exceptions when you can make a good contribution to the project with your knowledge or skills. If you are specialized in dentistry, psychology, psychotherapy or physiotherapy, it is also possible to volunteer just 1 or 2 times a week in this project to provide counseling or therapy, while you can work in another project the remaining time.


CEDNA is an institution which promotes a fair society in a sustainable way, by strenghtening the confidence of the individual and improve the quality of life using their capacities and capabilities. CEDNA is a non-profit organization that works mainly with children, young people and mothers with low income from the slums and rural areas of Cusco, to promote integrated and sustainable development and improving their quality of life for the family and the community. CEDNA has two projects where volunteers can work.

Miski Wawa is a health care project where you primarily work with young children aged 0 to 6 years and their mothers. The project focuses on nutrition, health and hygiene. These children are often malnourished and the project attempts to change the diet to break the vicious circle of malnutrition.
For example they organise workshops about how to prepare nutritious meals and how to deal with hygiene. As a volunteer you can help in organising these workshops and perhaps bring up new ideas.
The second project, Yachay, mainly works with youth aged 16 to 24 years. Many of the young people no longer live with their parents and they have had little or no education. Often they live in the streets and work in the informal sector such as polishing shoes. This project focuses on the economic awareness of the young people to prepare this group to have a better future. The young people learn new skills and in the long term, even a job. Also mothers can participate in this project because many of the women are single and have little or no income.
Volunteers with specializations in health, education, psychology, social, work, dietetics, and education are highly desirable.
In this project it is very important that volunteers are active, show initiative and are capable to work independently. To communicate with the mothers and the young people you need to have a good level of Spanish. The minimum period for this project is 2 months.


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