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Projects with Children

Qosqo Maki has several projects;
One of these projects focusses on the general welfare of 15 severely neglected street children who live permanently in the project.

The second is a free public library for children, where children can develop themselves according to their own interest and motivation. Every morning from 8 to 10 AM, there are reading and writing tasks. During the afternoon from 5.30 till 10 PM, there is a reading corner to encourage reading. This room is furnished with pillows and there is an open book shelve with stories and books, which will change periodically. The children are also encouraged to write stories. On Wednesday from 8 to 10 PM is Story time and somebody reads stories and fairy tales for the children.

The third project is a large dormitory where street children can stay a few days and get milk for free, thanks to a project of the government. The children here are cared for and they organize activities for social and personal development. The children came to live here, because for various reasons they no longer live with their parents and they need to sell products or services on the street in the center of the city. The mission of Qosko Maki is to give children freedom, respect and choices to build a climate of confidence to promote discovery and development of their capacities and responsibilities.

The children and young people who work on the street would like to receive an  education to learn a formal profession for the future. Their families have not enough money for regular education. Therefore Qosko Maki organizes workshops and courses. There is a woodworking unit and a bakery section, where young people learn about the products, cooperation in a team, cleaning, responsibility, punctuality and friendliness. The young people learn by doing and observing, and in that way they will learn a profession.

All volunteers with a basic level of Spanish and a minimum of 4 weeks availability are welcome to support one of these projects.


San Juan de Dios Clinic is a clinic for rehabilitation of children and adults. Their mission is to improve the quality of life, promoting health and especially serving sick people. With physiotherapy, medicine and providing social assistance they are working on rehabilitation. The department where the volunteers work, is a rehabilitation center for children with brain damage. As a result of brain damage that children are severely physically and mentally handicapped. The children live in the clinic because the parents can for various reasons not care for the children and because the care is very heavy.
There is a big need for physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses, but other volunteers are also welcome for extra attention for the children, help them with eating, medicine and clothing selection, games, trips and other recreational activities.


About 8 years ago Señor Jordan decided to do something for the children that work and sleep on the streets in Cusco. He opened Project Colibri  in the heart of Cusco for daily care of these children. There are women who go to the streets to see where the children sleep, where they work and if they are doing well. Some street children use drugs or steal. The women bring children into the shelter where they receive psychological and educational assistance, food (breakfast and lunch), school aid (reading with their homework), medical care and entertainment. Señor Jordan has also opened a house in a village outside Cusco where street children can live. He gives the kids the chance to go to school until they are able to exercise a profession and maintain their own livelihood. After school the children work in the house or in the vegetable garden. The mentors in both projects are trained as policemen.

All volunteers are welcome with a basic level of Spanish and a minimum of 4 weeks availability. Healthcare students can perform health checks on children, also psychologists and educators are welcome. Other volunteers can organize activities such as workshops, English lessons and games.


This project is a government project and part of INABIF, an institute for rejected children, adoptions, teenage mothers, street children etc. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for youth and children at risk.

Hogar Jesus mi Luz is an orphanage for boys from 6 to 15 years. Most children are abandoned by their parents and some are orphans. There is a fixed day program in the orphanage with a scheme which is devided by several stages. The boys follow the stages of introduction, familiarization phase etc. till they are ready for the society. In the project are women who have the role of substitute parents for the boys, so the boys have a life that is as normal as possible. In the project work a psychologist, counselors, a social worker and a nurse. There live about 50 boys in the project.
As a volunteer you need to have a plan of what you want to do in the project. You can set up this plan with us, we see what your skills and interests are and then you can for example organize a workshop or a course for the boys, support the psychologist and introduce a new therapy or test, or teach English, or learn the children to play music instruments. You can also help with daily care.
The minimum availability for this project is 8 weeks and you need to have at least a basic level of Spanish


The girls orphanage Buen Pastor is for girls aged from about 1 to 16 years. The situation is the same as in the boys orphanage and volunteers can organize the same type of activities.
Also for this project there is a minimum availability of 8 weeks and you need a basic level of Spanish to communicate with the girls and staff.


The organisation Aldea Yanapay is running a cafe-restaurant with the help of volunteers, where all the income goes too the kids.
Aldea Yanapay has volunteer positions in their schools, orphanage, and in Yanapay Village. The Yanapay school, where the children go in the afternoon, the kids can do different activities such as visiting their library, crafts, educational games, reading, sports and play and expression. To the Village Yanapay there are coming children who are under the control of the family committee of the police of cusco. These children come from disrupted families and have behavioral problems. Volunteers can undertake activities with the children under the supervision of a special coordinator.


Casa Mantay is a shelter for 15 teenage girls and their children in Cusco, Peru. Most of the girls were victims of sexual abuse and rape. In fact, 90% of teenage pregnancies in Peru are the result of rape (and often incest). In Mantay the girls and children live in a safe environment where they have the education and tools necessary for becoming working and loving parents. The girls are working in a studio and create handmade crafts that they sell. The owners and operators of Casa Mantay (Sergio and Raquel) actively lobbying for women's rights and legal reforms. Unfortunately, only 1 in every 8 cases of rape reported in Peru comes to court, and even then, they let the men leave with a slap on the wrist, due to the lousy laws on sexual abuse.
In the project there are several areas for children and mothers. Volunteers can work in child care, where they can care for the babies while the mothers work or get psychological help. There is also a carecenter for the older kids, where the volunteers can do games or arts & crafts with the kids. Volunteers with a good level of Spanish can also work with the mothers.


This center works with poor families and children. The center provides care, nutrition and education for young children aged six months to six years. The main care is to ensure a balanced diet for these children for continued health. Madre Teresa is a community project created to fight the high incidence of malnutrition in Cusco. The project receives international volunteers enthusiastic and you can work here with a minimum level of Spanish.
Activities include drawing and crafts, playing games, and ensure that all children get their food.


Project CORASON is a nutrition and education center for children located in the outskirts of Cusco, a rural and less developed region. Many children here live in families where the parent or parents work for many hours and / or have problems with alcohol. Some children have to care for their younger brothers and sisters and / or grandparent. CORASON provides food and other services to children with limited economic resources and assists them in developing their intellectual, physical, social, artistic and spiritual capabilities.
The project was started several years ago by the Peruvian Pastor Americo Ramos and his wife, Maria. The project has a large room for activities and events, they are currently building a kitchen and work area and a sports field.
The project also offers regular activities for the parents of the children as education in hygiene and medical help.
Volunteers can work in the afternoons with the children when there is CORASON Club for children. This afternoon club is organized mainly by volunteers in cooperation with a Peruvian employee.
The club focuses on helping with homework, organizing fun and educational activities with a special emphasis on pre-school age and on English education through arts and crafts, songs and games. The project is aimed at children from toddlers to 13 years and volunteers help children with homework and assist in activities such as arts and crafts, music, games and sports. The last part of each session consists of games and songs in English, so that the kids learn a second language so what brings many advantages, especially in a city like Cusco with its tourism.


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