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Medical projects

Clinica Belen is a clinic in a poor neighbourhood of Cusco. The clinic exists now for about 8 years. The original clinic was started as a foundation by the Roman Catholic Church. It gives particularly help to the residents of Cusco, which do not have much money to spend on medical care. There are no beds in the clinic, the patients come for outpatient treatment only. There work several specialists as a pediatrician, dentists, doctor, physiotherapist, rehabilitation specialist, psychologist, laborant and pharmacist.

Clinica Belen also provides medical assistance outside Cusco, making it a very interesting and diverse project. Besides the work in the clinic itself you can regularly join the team to medical posts in the Cusco area. They arrange small first aid posts, where local residents can come for different symptoms and minor treatments. There is also a permanent clinic at one hour away from Cusco, where volunteering is needed and where you can stay overnight.

In Belen Clinica you are welcome if you are studying nursing and searches for an internship place. In addition, doctors (in training) and physiotherapists are more than welcome too! The supervision is good. For this project you need to be at least 4 weeks available and a basic to intermediate level Spanish.


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