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Project CORASON is a nutrition and education center for children located in the outskirts of Cusco, a rural and less developed region. Many children here live in families where the parent or parents work for many hours and / or have problems with alcohol. Some children have to care for their younger brothers and sisters and / or grandparent. CORASON provides food and other services to children with limited economic resources and assists them in developing their intellectual, physical, social, artistic and spiritual capabilities.
The project was started several years ago by the Peruvian Pastor Americo Ramos and his wife, Maria. The project has a large room for activities and events, they are currently building a kitchen and work area and a sports field.
The project also offers regular activities for the parents of the children as education in hygiene and medical help.
Volunteers can work in the afternoons with the children when there is CORASON Club for children. This afternoon club is organized mainly by volunteers in cooperation with a Peruvian employee.
The club focuses on helping with homework, organizing fun and educational activities with a special emphasis on pre-school age and on English education through arts and crafts, songs and games. The project is aimed at children from toddlers to 13 years and volunteers help children with homework and assist in activities such as arts and crafts, music, games and sports. The last part of each session consists of games and songs in English, so that the kids learn a second language so what brings many advantages, especially in a city like Cusco with its tourism.


The organisation Aldea Yanapay is running a cafe-restaurant with the help of volunteers, where all the income goes too the kids.
Aldea Yanapay has volunteer positions in their schools, orphanage, and in Yanapay Village. The Yanapay school, where the children go in the afternoon, the kids can do different activities such as visiting their library, crafts, educational games, reading, sports and play and expression. To the Village Yanapay there are coming children who are under the control of the family committee of the police of cusco. These children come from disrupted families and have behavioral problems. Volunteers can undertake activities with the children under the supervision of a special coordinator.


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