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With Mijn Bestemming Peru volunteering is free,
because it has to be!

The prices of the packages on our website include Spanish lessons, volunteer work and accommodation. But you don´t pay for doing voluntary work. We and the projects are of course extremely happy with your help, and although some organizations charge volunteers for doing voluntary work, we find it really inappropriate that some volunteers need to pay to help. With us doing voluntary work is completely free. The price you pay for the program consists of the cost of your Spanish lessons and accommodation.


The price of the program of 8 weeks of Spanish classes in the non-profit Spanish school is built up following this chart.







Prices for the Spanish lessons in the academy tend to be higher so the price is built up in a slightly different way, following this chart.







Mijn Bestemming Peru works with volunteer projects that are financially supported by private and governmental funds. These projects use these funds to operate as an organization and support kids, adults or patients.
It is clear that Peru, being a third world country, has not enough resources to support the projects in the most optimal way possible. Therefore, these projects might lack tools, money and specific materials. We encourage you to support projects in the way you prefer.
We don’t want to interfere between the volunteer and the financial support of the projects. We have seen that organizations and Spanish schools are not transparent to the projects about the money that they receive from volunteers and the way this money is being used, neither transparent to the volunteers about how their fees are spent. That is why we have another vision of helping.
We believe that our volunteers should be free to choose if, and how they want to support a project, but our volunteers can always count on our advice about the best way of supporting a project.
When volunteers would like to support a project, then they can coordinate this with the director or operation manager of the project. Volunteers can see and ask for the needs in a project themselves.
That is why we decided not to charge ANY fees, we prefer that you decide if you want to support with freedom.

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