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The focus of Mijn Bestemming Peru lies in the quality of the programs we offer and the service we give to our volunteers. Therefore we aim to place our volunteers in projects that are organized well, that actually contribute to a better society and where volunteers can have a meaningful and good time. For that reason we think that it is important that you yourself can choose a project that you find interesting and that fits your capabilities and qualities.

Who can do voluntary work
The only requirements for volunteering are that you are enthusiastic, that you can work independent and that you can show some initiatives. Volunteers are very welcome everywhere and you do not need any experience. You will gain experience in your project and you will learn to be more creative and open minded. Your enthusiasm and love will be enough to help the people in your project. But you have to realize that the things you will see and experience could be impressive. Try to prepare yourself for that by reading about the project and the Peruvian culture. You also need to realize that the most projects do not have money to buy materials for doing activities with the kids. That means that you have to buy some materials yourself or with the other volunteers in the project.
Some projects require an intermediate level of Spanish, but in the most projects a basic level is sufficient. With 4 weeks of Spanish lessons you can obtain a basic level of Spanish.

How long can you volunteer?
The minimum period for volunteering is 4 weeks, but some projects require a minimum period of 2 or 3 months. In a shorter period than 4 weeks it is hard to achieve something in your project and you spend more time getting to know the people in the project. For the children or adults in the project it is also difficult when there is little stability and volunteers constantly come and go. Most volunteers choose a period of 2 to 3 months.

When can you start and when should you sign up for a program?
You choose when you want to start volunteering. Almost all projects are open all year round and you can work there throughout the year. There are some projects closed in the months  January and February.
In general Monday is your first day in your project. There is no deadline for signing up for Spanish classes and volunteering. But popular projects can be full booked in high season. In that case there are already enough volunteers for that project and should you choose another project. It is always better to book as early as possible, so you can work in the project of your choice.
When you have chosen a project where you would like to volunteer, you can fill in our booking form. After this we will ask you to send us a motivation letter and your cv, so we can see if you can work in the project of your choice.

Can you volunteer together with a friend or your partner?
It is always nice to travel with a friend or your partner, so they are more than welcome to come too. If you want you can work in the same project together and share an apartment or host family. It is important to both fill in a booking form.

Support during your volunteer work
Before and during your volunteer work you will receive support and guidance to make the work for you as nice and interesting as possible but also to make your work as meaningful as possible for the project. Before departure you will receive an information package with information about your project and volunteering in general. Before you start your volunteer work we want you to have a plan for the period you are going to work in the project, this plan you can create yourself, we can make it together or sometimes the project already has a plan for you. With a plan you have an idea what you are going to do and you can prepare yourself for the work in your project. Besides that, the project knows what they can count on and what they can and cannot expect from you. Before you start, our coordinator in Peru brings you to the project and gives you an introduction to get to know the project and the other staff who work in the project. During your volunteering, we will visit you in your project to see how it goes, if you like your work in your project and whether there are problems with implementing and executing your plan. Furthermore, a coordinator is always available for questions and advice about such things as fundraising, donations, health, culture and so on.

Extend your stay
When you are already working there, you can always decide to stay longer. It may however occur that you should move to another apartment or another family since we can have new reservations for the place where you stay at that time.

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