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Our organization was created with the goal to support local projects. We see in fact that there are many projects which have a lack of resources (money, materials, people) because not all projects receive money from funds to operate. The projects receive help from our volunteers and the organization Mijn Bestemming Peru wants to contribute by yearly selecting one project to support.

Mijn Bestemming Peru has a partnership with Semilla Network, a network of 30 projects for kids and adolescents. Our monthly meetings with them makes us aware where the help is required and we are aimed to support this big network in the best way possible.

  • DONATION IN 2010:

HUACARPAY and LUCRE damaged by heavy rainfalls

Severe weather affected Cusco last year. Due to non-stop rainy days, the river was flowed over and caused a flood of mud in the villages Huarcapay and Lucre.

Thousands of people got homeless and their houses completely collapsed, like in an earthquake. The people are still living in tents and need support. Mijn Bestemming Peru was there to support them with food, water and cloths. Unfortunately the government took a lot of time to be present.



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