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  • When you learn Spanish in a Spanish speaking country you have a lot of possibilities to practice the things you learn. You will hear and see Spanish all day.
  • You will practice your Spanish while shopping, going out, asking the way and maybe with communicating with your host family.
  • Peru is a beautiful country and compared to other Southamerican countries, the Peruvians speak an easy to understand Spanish.
  • While your studying, you have the chance to meet new people from different countries, discover the beautiful cities and sites of Peru and get to know a new culture.
  • Studying abroad is a unique experience. It will change your way of thinking and the whole experience will make you more independent and confident.
  • Studying abroad can increase your chances for a job, especially in trading, international companies and government institutes.
  • Fishing in the Amazonas, boarding on the sand dunes close to Ica or visiting the several hundred year old Machu Picchu, starting from Cusco Peru is a great place to stay!

When you are learning Spanish with us, you can start at your own level. We can give you an oral and a written exam so we can put you in a group of similar level. A group consists of up to 4 students. The experienced native Peruvian teachers will teach you grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening. The lessons are in Spanish, which helps you to get used to the Spanish language and makes you use the language as much as possible without shame or worries.

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