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At the Spanish Academy you can study Spanish in the heart of the ancient Inca Empire in Cusco, Peru. It is an excellent program for those who wish to develop  a working knowledge of the Spanish language in a short time and wants to learn about the culture and habits of this fascinating country. 
The school is situated in a beautiful and historic 19th century colonial house, on one of the many small squares in Cusco. The building has 17 classrooms on two floors, a covered terrace, a video room, an auditorium, a recreation room, wireless internet and a courtyard. The capacity of the school is approximately 60 students.







With an excellent introduction test, students are divided into classes at their own level. Weekly assessments enable students to progress with challenge in their weekly lessons. The number of participants in each group is never more than five, and is often less. Students move in and out of classes on a weekly basis, depending on their ability and motivation. Our teachers are all native Spanish and have received extensive training in teaching their language to adult students.

Language program
In group classes are up to 5 students per class, but they have an average of 2 students per class. After completion of the period of course attendance, the student receives a certificate. The school maintains a method of the 4 language skills: listening, grammar, oral and written comprehension. In the classes they don´t use English. The teachers use writing exercises from textbooks, discussions and debates, newspapers, videos, etc. as educational material. All teachers have university degrees and most have areas of expertise for lessons with specific topics.

You can gain 9 levels at the school, Low Beginner, Medium beginner, High beginner, Low intermediate, Medium intermediate, high intermediate, advanced, high advanced and superior.

The classes begin at 8.30 AM and end at 12.40 AM, with a break of half an hour. In high season there are also classes in the afternoon from 2.30 PM till 6.30 PM. Every week you get a different teacher, so you get used to different ways of speaking.
Before the break the lesson is focused on the study of grammar and reading and writing. You study linguistic structures and grammatical rules of Spanish. Furthermore you will study texts, so you can improve your vocabulary and understanding.
After the break more attention is paid to pronunciation and expression. You will then take part in a variety of different activities such as presentations, debates, games, etc. These activities will be conducted with different materials, as proposed by the teacher or the students, according to everyone's needs or interests.

All teachers have a university degree in Spanish and are carefully selected for their qualifications and experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Some of them are doctors or have Master Degrees in teaching Spanish and literature, history or Latin American culture. The school selects the teachers for their ability to listen, their enthusiasm, kindness and patience, but especially for their love of teaching Spanish to foreign students. Each of them is able to motivate students and to develop and maintain their curiosity. 

Two to three times a week there are activities such as cooking classes, dance classes, parties, videos, lectures, excursions to museums, etc. Students pay only for their own transport and entrance.

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