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The non-profit Spanish school is a school with a special goal. The school educates single mothers to offer them opportunities for the future. The mothers learn to teach Spanish to foreign students. That gives these mothers a good income so they can improve their living standards of their family. This also helps the mothers to build a better self image and higher self-esteem, what in turn has a huge impact on the lives of their children.
The school is located in a quiet residencial neighbourhood with many shops, markets, banks, hotels and restaurants around. From the school it is about 15 minutes walking to the Plaza de Armas. The school has 8 classrooms and has around 25 students a week, depending on the season. The school has a library, a video and music room with comfortable sofa´s, always free coffee and tea, an internet room with wireless internet and a courtyard.

The school has developed a unique and highly effective teaching method. The lessons consist of a combination of the structure and grammar of the Spanish language in grammar lessons and speaking and expressing the language in practice lessons.
You will follow the grammar lessons with a grammar teacher who guides you step by step through the levels Basic I and II and Intermediate I and II. If you want to progress more or if you already have a good level of Spanish, they have selected teachers for the advanced level.
The uniqueness of the method of this school is the theory combined with practical lessons with a practice teacher. This teacher supports you with studying and doing homework and helps you to speak Spanish. It is intended that you not only know the Spanish language but also can use it.

All teachers are trained intensively by the school. All these teachers also scored sufficient in all parts of the specialized training of the school. The teachers are very carefully selected from an initial database of 200 women and a basic selection of 80.
The practice teachers are all single mothers. The school selected and trained them during a 6 months lasting course comprising theory and details of the Spanish language, Basic I and II, Intermediate I and II and Basic English I. Part of the course is also dealing with non-Spanish speaking people.

As a student of this school you are invited to the festivities organized by the teachers: cooking on Wednesday and volleyball on Saturday. A nice way to get to know other students.

Cooking Evening
What is the secret of ceviche? How are you preparing Rocoto Relleno? What are the ingredients of Causa? How to make Pisco Sour? The Peruvian cuisine is very extended and it's nice to learn how the dishes are prepared and of course to taste the dishes. Every Wednesday there are a lot of people in the school and you will learn more about Peruvian cuisine. The teachers have been shopping for a typical Peruvian dish and you help them with preparing. Not only you are guaranteed to have a great meal, but also you will have fun and make new friends!
Every Saturday (around 10:30 AM) you are invited to play volleyball with the teachers and the other students of the school.


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