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At the Spanish Academy you can study Spanish in the heart of the ancient Inca Empire in Cusco, Peru. It is an excellent program for those who wish to develop  a working knowledge of the Spanish language in a short time and wants to learn about the culture and habits of this fascinating country. 
The school is situated in a beautiful and historic 19th century colonial house, on one of the many small squares in Cusco. The building has 17 classrooms on two floors, a covered terrace, a video room, an auditorium, a recreation room, wireless internet and a courtyard. The capacity of the school is approximately 60 students.






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The non-profit Spanish school is a school with a special goal. The school educates single mothers to offer them opportunities for the future. The mothers learn to teach Spanish to foreign students. That gives these mothers a good income so they can improve their living standards of their family. This also helps the mothers to build a better self image and higher self-esteem, what in turn has a huge impact on the lives of their children.
The school is located in a quiet residencial neighbourhood with many shops, markets, banks, hotels and restaurants around. From the school it is about 15 minutes walking to the Plaza de Armas. The school has 8 classrooms and has around 25 students a week, depending on the season. The school has a library, a video and music room with comfortable sofa´s, always free coffee and tea, an internet room with wireless internet and a courtyard.

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