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You can go to Cusco in different ways. When you come directly from your country, you will land in Lima, because Cusco doesn´t have an international airport. From Lima you can take a plane to Cusco or you can travel by bus. All flights are going during the day from Lima to Cusco, so it is mostly not possible to fly the same day to Cusco as you arrived in Lima. You can stay a night in Lima and fligh the next day. But Lima is an interesting city, with a lot to see and visit, and there is also a lot to see in between Lima and Cusco. That´s why Mijn Bestemming Peru offers different packages for your trip from Lima to Cusco.


Pick up Lima - night hotel Lima - flight Lima-Cusco

At arrival in Lima, somebody will pick you up to bring you to the hotel. The hotel is situated in a nice quiet neighbourhood 20 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the historical centre of Lima in the neighbourhood San Miguel. You will feel welcome in this comfortable and clean hotel, runned by a Dutch-Peruvian couple. The next morning you will be dropped of at the airport to fly to Cusco.

Price from €155

Lima Discovery

Pick up Lima - night hotel Lima - City tour Lima - night hotel Lima - flight Lima-Cusco

This package is almost the same as the Direct package. You will be picked up from the airport in Lima and brought to the hotel. The next day you will get a beautiful city tour in Lima, you will see nice colonial buildings and squares and also the modern neighbourhoods San Isidro, Miraflores and Larcomar. In the afternoon you will visit the Gold museum, where they show you an incredible amount of gold articles from the precolumbian time. Besides that there are exhibitions of weapons and antique carpets. In the night you will stay in the same hotel and the next morning you will be dropped of at the airport and you will fly to Cusco. 

Price on request

Lima and Nazca lines

Pick up Lima - night hotel Lima - City tour Lima - bus to Nazca - flight over Nazca lines - visit Paracas Island - bus to Cusco

Price on request

Lima, Nazca and Arequipa

Price on request

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