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The focus of Mijn Bestemming Peru lies in the quality of the programs we offer and the service we give to our volunteers. Therefore we aim to place our volunteers in projects that are organized well, that actually contribute to a better society and where volunteers can have a meaningful and good time. For that reason we think that it is important that you yourself can choose a project that you find interesting and that fits your capabilities and qualities.

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If you are socially committed, you can contribute to help our kids and people in general to have a better life. With your work you will be contributing to our society.

You can be a volunteer in one of our social, medical, ecological or commercial projects. By doing voluntary work you can practice your Spanish, learn more about the Peruvian culture and the economic and social situation, help people building a better life and future and gain an unforgettable experience!

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With Mijn Bestemming Peru volunteering is free,
because it has to be!

The prices of the packages on our website include Spanish lessons, volunteer work and accommodation. But you don´t pay for doing voluntary work. We and the projects are of course extremely happy with your help, and although some organizations charge volunteers for doing voluntary work, we find it really inappropriate that some volunteers need to pay to help. With us doing voluntary work is completely free. The price you pay for the program consists of the cost of your Spanish lessons and accommodation.

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