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Stefan (Netherlands):

Nine weeks Peru…… Eight weeks Cusco, Thats gonna be a long story. Let me start with telling you ‘I had the best time of my life’ in Cusco. I saw and did so many thing that I dont know where to start. From the moment I arrived at my home stay I felt right at home (such nice people) Idid quite a lot of toeristic stuff (Machu Picchu , Valle Segrado, Nasca, Paracas, Huacachina, Arequipa, Colca Canyon and Mollendo) Further more I met a lot of fun people during my 4 weeks of spanish study so my stay in Cusco was one big party. My voluntering project was almost one hour travling from the center of Cusco , and that was quite al lot to do that every day but on the other hand Every body was always happy to see you. And they allways took the time to start some kind of conversation even do my spanish was so poor. So you can say that it is not only you helping them butt they will try to help you as well to practice youre spanish.Enrique is allways twentyfour seven accessible for youre problems butt also if there is some kind of party he was always there no matter what . And that is what makes this organisation so amazing.
I sincerely hope that i will return to Cusco and that i can make my self usefull with the organisation.

Darren (Canada):


From the moment I got off the plane in Cusco Marit and Enrique were there from me. They made sure every aspect of my adventure in Cusco was covered. The are very professional and trust worthy unlike most of the tourism operations in Cusco and Machu Picchu. Enrique and Marit showed me the time of my life and I cant wait to go back



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