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Would you like to do an internship or your thesis in Peru? We can help you with organizing that! An internship in health care, tourism, marketing or antropology, everything is possible. We will find you the right organizations or companies and help you with contacting the right people. We can also offer you a translator in case your Spanish level is not enough for the things you need to do. In case you would like to write your thesis in Peru , we will assist you, every idea is welcome, mail us and we will make a plan!

Examples of interesting internships could be working as a physiotherapist in one of the child hospitals, do psychological work in one of the schools or child clinics, work as a nurse in a clinic or hospital, work in one of the many travel agencies in Cusco or write a marketing plan for a travel agency, bar, club or hotel.

For a thesis there are a lot of subjects for research. You could do research in the growing tourism business in Cusco, you could investigate differences between Peru and Europe or Peru and Bolivia in for example the political situation, the education system, cultural values or traditions, health care system or flora and fauna.

During your time in Peru, you can stay in an apartment or a guest family, learn Spanish and also do voluntary work.


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