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Terms and Conditions Mijn Bestemming Peru
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Once the participant has send the booking form to Mijn Bestemming Peru there is an agreement between two parties, namely Mijn Bestemming Peru and the participant and from that time the conditions described here apply.

1 - Bookings
1.1 After completing the booking form the participant is required to pay the program cost of the booked program and the possibly booked tours.
1.2 After Mijn Bestemming Peru received the application, the participant / traveller receives an invoice. The method and terms of payment will be noted on the invoice.
1.3 The acceptance of the booking by Mijn Bestemming Peru does not automatically guarantees a placement in the program. If placement is not possible, the program costs will be refunded.
1.4 Verbal agreements apply only when confirmed written by Mijn Bestemming Peru.

2 - Payment Terms
Payment must be done 8 weeks before departure. After booking the participant needs to pay a deposit of 25% of the fare *. If the participant wants to leave within 8 weeks after booking, the entire payment has to be fulfilled within 2 weeks. Unless otherwise agreed, the participant has to pay the program costs before the final payment date stated on the invoice.
*: Excluding flights, this has different conditions which can be requested at booking.

3 - Obligations Mijn Bestemming Peru
Mijn Bestemming Peru is committed to provide the participant with telephone numbers of the organization which can be called for questions, emergency or any information during the stay abroad and the organization also commits to provide the participant with information about the project, country and city of the program.

4 - Participant Obligations
Each participant needs to be both physically and mentally healthy. For any non disclosure of accurate information or omission of necessary information about the health status, the participant is responsable for any costs arising from the inability to participate in a program.

5 - Pricing
5.1 Mijn Bestemming Peru reserves the right to change prices through inflation or other unforeseen circumstances.
5.2 The program costs listed are per person and without insurance.

6 - Liability
6.1 All arrangements for transport, accommodation, conciliation and other services (including the provision of tickets, coupons and vouchers) are offered by Mijn Bestemming Peru as agent under the condition that they, nor any other affiliated company, agent or employee may be held liable in case of injury, loss, damage, claim, expense, accident, deviation, delay or interruption caused beyond the control of Mijn Bestemming Peru, which may arise during any trip or may occur at a company, organization or person (see Article 8)
6.2 Mijn Bestemming Peru is in no way liable for any damages arising from the preparation, travel or stay abroad.
6.3 If the passenger can not travel due to the absence of any valid traveller document or proof of immunizations / vaccinations, all the resulting consequences will be the travellers responsibility and liability.
6.4 Liability for damages for which the traveler is ensured (eg through the conclusion of a travel and / or cancellation insurance, or health insurance), as well as liability for damages suffered by the traveler as part of the exercise of a profession or business (including damage included missing connections and / or delay of arrvial at the place of destination), are excluded.
6.5 Mijn Bestemming Peru is not responsible for any commitments made by its staff and / or third parties which expressly deviate from these conditions or in the terms of the responsible service provider mentioned conditions, unless such commitments subsequently confirmed written.
6.6 Mijn Bestemming Peru focus on the safety and security with organizing the programs and activities. Despite our preventive and skilful behavior, occurences can not be fully excluded. The traveler has to bear the risk. Participants should always be alert about their own safety and are responsible for their own behavior.

7 – Circumstances beyond one´s control
In case of circumstances beyond one´s control, what in any case means national disturbances, mobilization, war, obstruction of transport, strike, lockout, industrial disturbances, stagnation in supply, fire, flood and in the case that Mijn Bestemming Peru by its own suppliers, regardless so why, will be disabled to supply a program, as a result of which fulfillment of the contract reasonably can not be required of Mijn Bestemming Peru, the execution of the contract will be suspended, or the agreement may be terminated by registered letter, everything without being liable for compensation.

8 - Postponement of a program
The participant can postpone the booked program up to 6 months after the specified departure date, if the Spanish school and voluntary project agrees. If the participant wants to postpone the program longer than 6 months, the participant has to cancel the program and the cancellation policy will go into force. If the participant wants to postpone the program within 2 weeks before scheduled departure delay, he/she has to pay an administration fee.

9 - Cancellation and cancellation policy
In case of cancellation by the participant, the following rules apply:
9.1 Cancellation can only be done in a written way with giving the reason. 
9.2 For cancellations after booking but before placement in a project, school or family, the cancellation costs € 50.
9.3 For cancellations after booking and placement confirmation until 2 weeks prior to departure, the cancellation costs 50% of the program costs
9.4 Cancellation after confirmation notification and placement between 2 weeks and 1 week before departure costs  75% of the program costs
9.5 When cancelling after confirmation notification and placement between 1 week before departure until the day of departure, the cancellation costs 100%
9.6 When there is an additional flight booked by Mijn Bestemming Peru, then the prevailing conditions of the ticket apply.
9.7 After departure, cancellation is not possible
9.8 Mijn Bestemming Peru reserves the right to cancel the trip, without having to be held liable if there are irregularities in the visiting country or unforeseen circumstances

10 - Insurance

10.1 Through the booking of a cancellation guarantee, the costs associated with cancellation can be covered, provided that the conditions of this insurance are met.
10.2 A travel insurance is mandatory. You can book a travel insurance with Mijn Bestemming Peru or yourself.
10.3 A booked cancellation guarantee is valid from the date of booking and the premium paid is therefore (also with valid reasons for cancellation) not refundable

11 - Change homestay / work / behavior policies and termination of the program
11.1 With insurmountable difficulties between participant and host family / employer Mijn Bestemming Peru is doing its best to find a different address for the participant. However we can not guarantee this.
11.2 If the participant fails to follow the agreed rules, standards and / or guidelines applicable to participation in a program of Mijn Bestemming Peru, then Mijn Bestemming Peru reserves the right to terminate the program without refunding any charges
11.3 If a participant will abort his / her trip and / or program after arriving in Peru, Mijn Bestemming Peru can not refund the missed part of the program
11.4 In the case of a booked language course, the training days will drop out on (national) holidays that are official in the country of destination. These training days can not be caught up.

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