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Why choosing us?


Our low prices + references +customer care = Best Value

Being located also in Peru gives us the possibility to be more in contact with the situation of Peru, offering you the most out of your investment. Mijn Bestemming Peru is always in contact with the volunteer projects, guest families and Spanish schools directly without intermediaries. Our strategic location ensures you the most personalized assistance.

Travel concierge

Our travel consultants have travelled extensively in Peru and have been living in Peru for long periods of time, who else could be better to assist you than someone from your own country that can tell you in your own language  how Peru and our programs are to give you the very best choice. We arrange monthly meetings in Holland, where our staff will be eager to answer your questions and doubts, which is also a good opportunity for you to meet the people that will go to Peru on the same dates as you.

Customer service

We have highly personalized customer service; you can count on our staff for: genuinely friendly service in your own language, having the facility to find a consultant in the Netherlands and Peru. Our clients are the most important for us, due to this we follow up every client carefully and closely from the moment of booking until the moment they are departing from Peru. We are completely focused on having highly-satisfied clients who complete their travel experience with a different view of the reality of Peru and its culture wishing to come back again.

Why are our prices significantly lower than most of our competitors?

Do we cut corners?  Do we have hidden costs? No, neither of these reasons are the case. The main reason is that we are not middlemen, intermediaries, or just another program organization inflating profits; we are program operators, and we operate for our clients only.

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