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I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Enrique Berrocal, 28 years old and living in Cusco, Peru. I studied Business Management and I come from a business background family, beginning to learn of business since I was a kid at my father’s business and managing a company since I was 18 years old where I learnt a lot about how businesses work.

I moved to Cusco four years ago, great city that has a lot to offer with beautiful weather and people, mainly focused in tourism because here is located Machu Picchu one of the wonders of the world. I traveled around South America and I was working in tourism all this time and I could notice of the lack of organization and sometimes not a fair treat to the volunteers or students, who come here to learn, help or visit my country.

That’s why I created Mijn Bestemming Peru, with a totally new concept, an organization based on the customer service, dedicated to support projects where you really help and which are required to have support. Besides that we offer you the most professional teachers for learning Spanish. Also we have extreme care policy to choose your apartment or homestay, all this together make us the best choice for travelling.

Some time ago I met Marit de Haas, an enthusiastic girl who shares my point of view about how things should be. Plus her experience travelling and being European gives this company the perfect ingredients to balance the expectations of both cultures and to know how to fit them together and making the experience of travelling something unforgettable.

We are young people who know what you like and the way you like, with experience in tourism that will ensure your stay in Peru. We are in both countries eager to welcome you or assist you, so do not doubt and drop us an email.

We will be pleased to solve all your questions and have you as a part of our big travel club.


Enrique Berrocal A. - Director






First, I would like to thank you for your interest in our organization. We have a lot to offer on our website and I hope you can find everything you are searching for on My Destination Peru. As one of the founders of the organization, I would like to introduce me to you. I am Marit de Haas, 25 years old and living in Leiden in the Netherlands. After high school in Voorburg, I started studying Psychology in Leiden. I did my thesis and internship, but I didn´t want to start the working life yet, I wanted to see more of the world, both literally and figuratively. I had already seen much of Europe, but wanted to discover other continents as well. I also wanted to experience what it is to live in a completely different country, without family, friends and my familiar surroundings and in a total different culture and language. It seemed a good challenge and an opportunity to learn more about myself and get to know new people.

I decided to make a trip to Peru, the land of the Incas, the high mountains, coastal areas, deserts and the Amazon. Because I liked to get to know the country and the culture more, I wanted to spend some time living in a city. I lived for 8 weeks in Cusco, learned Spanish and volunteered and in the weekends there was often time for a trip. At that time I got to know a lot of people and it was great to share all these new experiences with them. After my 8 weeks in Cusco, I traveled with a girl I met during my volunteer work.

Once I was back in the Netherlands I missed the atmosphere of Cusco and decided to come back. I joined Enrique to start an organization to bring more people like me to Cusco, let them get acquainted with the city of Cusco, the fun, adventure and Peruvian culture in the form of offering a program of Spanish lessons, accommodation in a Peruvian family and the practice of Spanish in a project where you also contribute to the future of the people in and around Cusco.

My destination is Peru and I hope yours too!


Marit de Haas - Dutch Business Representative


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