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What is Mijn Bestemming Peru?

Mijn Bestemming Peru is an organization for Spanish lessons, voluntary work, accommodation and tours and we are dedicated to bring you the most suitable program for your short or long stay in Peru. We offer you a variety of packages with a mix of learning, travelling and volunteer work. We customize programs and tours for individuals, small and large groups, universities and volunteers around the world. Our challenge is to exceed the expectation of our clients, offering the highest possible quality in our programs, optimizing your time and investment and reducing unnecessary costs. We believe that visiting another country is more than just taking pictures of the highlights of the place. Our aim is to offer you a whole cultural immersion combined with learning and participating, which will provide you with an  unforgettable experience. We invite you to learn more about us, so allow us to properly present why we are the best choice in the market.

Our Firm

We are a Holland based firm; providing services all along Peru, we have offices in Holland and Peru because of our high service standards to ensure that our clients have all the support and assistance at any time before and during the period of stay 24hours.

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