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Mijn Bestemming Peru works with several public and private projects; NGO`s, voluntary networks, schools and local communities. We have offices in Europe and Peru; we are always on site having the advantage to keep controlling the high standard services together with our operators, homestays and Spanish schools.

Our bilingual (English or Dutch) volunteer coordinator will be eager to help you in the Netherlands or Peru.

Our criteria are fair rewards for local workers, high quality services in our tours and programs and providing financial support to needy projects.

Mijn Bestemming Peru aimes to support the projects with a yearly special donation to a selected project.  Click here to read about our last donations.

Be part of these great experiences and unforgettable moments; Join us and be part of our travel members who support our vision!!


In Peru there are many street children due to family problems, poorness, migration from other highlands and kids who are obligated to work because of their parents. There are certain projects that help them.

Another option is working in an orphanage where volunteers rotate in the daily structure and where the kids need some extra attention, houses that are private supported or public ones that help mothers who have no time or money to support their kids.

There are also projects for deaf and mentally handicapped children and children with physical limitations.


Help is always very welcome in all clinics and hospitals; they need all type of medical assistance, nurses, physiotherapist, psychologists and doctors with or without specialisation.

To volunteer in these projects you need necessary experience or education and a good level of Spanish. We have medical projects with elderly people, clinics which focus on poor kids and drug or alcohol addictions.  


We have several environmental projects, beginning with agriculture learning how to plant seeds in the ground of the most quality coffee in the sacred valley until learning about animals and protection of environment , Peru is a very diverse country if you have something in mind just shoot a question to us  cuando no hay, no hay… hahaha we don´t have these yet, so better not post them.


Tourism students are very welcome! We have several partner travel operators and since the economy of Cusco is based on tourism, we have a huge range of opportunities to work outdoor or indoor, writing a marketing plan or operate in a wide range of tourism related business.


Do you have teaching skills or ambitions? Help to make the dream of enthousiastic kids come true in the surrounding areas of Cusco. Teaching English, giving workshops of your own professional knowledge and help our community in what you know best, we will help you to organize it.

There are plenty of projects that can be suitable for you!

Join us now !
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